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Quotes from members ( and not-so-members) of the band:

" Touch my saxophone and die" -Chris, on the 'touching the saxophone' status of Tim

"Hehehe" -Tim, just about every time he talks

"No not really I can't back that up" -Mike B(saxophone), on his status of Dr Evil

"I am god of saxophone!" -Chris, on his god-of-saxophone status

"Belt's Grandmother baby" -Belt, on his 'grandmother' status (inside joke)

"It's GODMOTHER you idiot!"  -Chris, on Belt's 'grandmother' status

"I'm not racist I just don't like Jews" -Chris (as a joke) on Andy's status

"Yeah, I think I popped somethin" -Fry, after Chris body-slammed him

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" -Chris, Mike B, and Tim after Colin said he was street smarter than Chris

"It's Limp Bizkit you idiot!" -Mike after "street smart Colin" called Faith trash

"I want your body sexy!!" -Chris, talking about Mike B's neighbor

"SNOOD!" -Chris, gone insane