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A Little Bit About Us
Falling Down Stairs is:
Electric Guitar- Greg
Bass Guitar- Eric
Tenor Sax- Chris T.
Baritone Sax- Tim
Trombone- George
Drums- Eric F.

     Falling Down Stairs started when my cousin Greg came over my house one night.  We were jammin, me on my tenor and him on an old acoustic, when we got the idea to start a ska band.  I e-mailed my friend Mike the next day, asking him if he'd play alto for us, and he agreed.  The next day, we asked Tim to cover Bari, and our friend Alex to cover drums.  After a couple of rehearsals with our first draft of some of the music, Alex quit, having other commitments that he had to keep.  Then, the guys from my cousin's band One Loose Screw decided they wanted in.    We had a practice, and Mike quit, because he couldn't fit the time in to his schedule, but the rest of us are still goin strong and hopefully will be writing some new songs.  We're still a really young band, but we'll get better. Keep comin to our site and keep it real.
    We've written music for 4 songs so far, Dave Just Sucks, Falling Up Stairs,I Am The Center Of The Universe, The Untitled Song,and our cover of The Letter, all of which are available for download off of the songs page.  They're still to be improved, but they're our first five.

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