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    Falling Down Stairs is a local ska band.  We just started out, so we ain't that good, and we're only
14, so there's definitely room to grow.  The members are as follows so far, and we're still recruiting:

Electric Guitar- Greg
Bass Guitar- Eric
Alto Sax- Mike
Tenor Sax- Chris T.
Baritone Sax- Tim
Trombone- George
Drums- Chris F.

    We've written music for 4 songs so far, Dave Just Sucks, Falling Up Stairs,I Am The Center Of The Universe, and our cover of The Letter, all of which are available for download off of the songs page.  They're still to be improved, but they're our first four.

Also check out this awesome local 14-year old band,

    Soon to come is a complete member listing with pics and song lyrics.  We're still lookin for trumpet and a bass player, and both the website and the band need to expand, but we're working on it. 

Want to download some of our songs?  They're in .midi format.  Click on the left equalizer at the bottom of the page.

To go to the BIOs page, click the right equalizer at the bottom

To go to our insanely funny ( ok, not that funny ) quotes page, click on the band logo at the top.

" You're so yesterday
Miles away
Promised myself on new years day
I'd take a bath today
and wash you away
All of your little blond hairs goin' down the drain."

E-mail us or we will be forced to "get midevil on your heini"

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