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We still got to get more people to join, and not everybody turned in their BIOs to me, but heres what we got so far:

Greg's Bio:
                                Ok Im GREG TERRINONI.  Yea its a stupid last name.  I was born July 16, 1985.
Favorite Bands:         One Loose Screw, LTJ Op.Ivy Suicide Machines Blink and The Sex Pistols
Favorite Movie:         Animal house or Bandwagon
Favorite TV show:    The Simpsons
Gear:                       A Fender Strat, A Gibson SG
What I hate:             MTV, Rap, Boy Bands
What I like to do:      Listen to music, Play guitar, sitting on the roof of my house with my friends,  going
                                going to parties
Position in the band:  Electric Guitarist

Chris's Bio:
                                Yea, I'm Chris, get over it.  I'm not listin my last name cuz theres a buncha freaks
                                out there.  Read my BIO and use it as your Bible.  I'm greg's cousin by the way.
Favorite Bands:         Reel Big Fish, Marvelous 3, Eve6, Goldfinger, The Flys, Blink 182, Third Eye
                                Blind, Couting Crows
Favorite Movie:         South Park, Saving Private Ryan, Half-Baked, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite TV shows:   South Park, the Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle
Gear:                       The golden, shining star from heaven, the Selmer Super Action Series 3 Tenor Sax
What I hate:              MTV, Rap, Boy Bands, Country, New Age, most of the girls from my middle
                                school >:^)~
What I like to do:       Spend time with girls, listen to music, jam on my sax, play ice hockey, piss off
                                annoying people....I waste time like nobody else
Position in the band:  Tenor Saxophonist and I write most of the music

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